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Ceiling painting can be a total hassle and can be very dangerous with all the stairs climbing. So leave the hard work to us and give us a call now!

Ceiling Paint Singapore

It is that time of the year already isn’t it? To give that house of yours a fresh look. Be it for that special occasion like Christmas or you just need a change from the usual view. Or your house is seriously in need of an uplift with all the peeling paints and is starting to look like a zombie house?

Paint the walls, change the landscape of your lawn, polish the floor and don’t forget to look up at the ceiling to check whether they need a new paint job as well! Waking up with ceiling paint flakes on your bed? No, not a very pleasant experience.

Paint That Ceiling, Make A Difference

In Singapore where landed properties are limited and cost a fortune to own, most residents stay in condominiums or flats which also mean lesser space. It can even be claustrophobic if you are living with a lot of people. However, you can always make the best out of everything, Try painting the ceiling. It makes a whole lot of difference.

Crisp White

Painting your ceiling white opens up the space almost immediately, giving the room an airy feeling. A white ceiling also gives an illusion that it is higher than normal, making the room look more spacious.

Warm And Toasty

For those of you who wants to make the room cosy, you can opt for warmer colours like red or mustard. It will instantly radiate warmth in the room.


If crisp white and warm colours are not your thing, you can go for tiffany blue or mint green for a pop of freshness in the room.

Black Swan

Other non-conventional colours would be the black and the dark colour series. They are certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but for you who wants to add a little drama to the room, this is the colour to go for. It not only add a hint of elegance into the room, it also covers any flaws on the ceiling.

Same Same Not Same

You may want to avoid painting your ceiling the same colour as your wall as it will make your room look smaller unless that is the concept that you are going for. Painting different parts of the house with different ceiling colours also help divide the space. It might not be ideal if you intend to bring out the open floor concept. But if you are looking to divide spaces like splitting a bedroom into two, then go for it!

Types Matter

Choosing the right colour palette for your ceiling is one thing, choosing the type of paint is another thing to seriously consider. Just like colours, the glossiness of the paint will have different effects on the rooms. It really depends also on which room we are talking about and the purpose of the room.

A kitchen where it will mostly be greasy from all the cooking, the eggshell or semi-gloss would be a good option. This is provided that you intend to wash it after a year or two during spring cleaning. This choice of paint is more dirt and mildew resistant and is easier to clean. But if you plan to paint it when it is time anyway, then you can opt for flat white.

The eggshell and semi-gloss are often used in bathroom as well because of the humidity and the exposure to water. It definitely withstand these factors better than the flat white paint.

There are actually no specific ceiling painting rules that state which type of paints belong to which type of room. However, the effect the ceiling paint will bring out is indeed something to consider in regards to the purpose of the room. Eggshell and semi-gloss will reflect the light in the room, making it not very ideal if your focus is on the wall colour.

Your Paint Soldiers

Still scratching your head on choosing the right paint colour and paint type? Feel free to drop us an email or give us a call. We at the Paint Xpert Singapore is a team of paint professionals who are always ready to help. Or if you have got everything planned out nicely but find it to troublesome to execute the plan? Contact us now! We will get it painted in no time!





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