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Even bathrooms have feelings and deserve an upgrade. Do you know that a blue ceiling would give your bathroom a clean and fresh look? We are just one call away!

Bathroom Ceiling Paint Singapore

Status Upgrade


Gone are the days where the bathroom only serves as a place for us to answer nature’s calling and to get cleaned. Back then, people paid little attention when designing a bathroom. As long as it serves its purpose, it was fine.

Today, bathrooms are as equally important as the other spaces in the house when it comes to remodelling and serves as a major factor in house hunting. This is because of how busy life can be today that people are starting to appreciate rare relaxing solitary time. When a holiday seems almost impossible to fit into the schedule, a long hot bath does the same trick to help ease the tired soul.

Tiled floors, tiled walls, glass doors, even the counter tops are marbled. Bathrooms are designed to be more luxurious today to cater to people’s need of it to be a space where they can relax in it. An easy upgrade you can do for your bathroom if you are not fancy of giving it a renovation right now would be to just paint the ceilings.

Nope, No Flat

First, let’s talking about the type of paint that you should be using on the bathroom ceiling. As the bathroom would be humid and the ceilings would have high exposure to water and dirt, flat paints is a definite no. Not only that it would expose any ceiling flaws, it is not dirt and water resistant.

The paint that you should go for is the semi-gloss. It is mildew and water resistant, the perfect choice for a room like the bathroom. If your walls are white and you are planning to put some colour to your ceiling, semi-gloss would give it a nice sheen and reflect any lights in the space, making it more spacious.

Of course, semi-gloss can be a little bit too over for those who prefers a little modesty in painting the ceiling. Try the in-between which is the eggshell. It is still mildew resistant, although not as strong as semi-gloss but the sheen that it gives out is minimal.


Next, we would move on to some of the colours that you can consider to paint the ceiling walls to give it a little character.

White, as always will be the safest choice among all colours. It brightens up the space, heightens the ceiling, and gives your bathroom that clean look.

Aside from creating a calming effect to your bathroom, the lighter shades of blue like mint, turquoise or powder blue will make your bathroom look cleaner and more refreshing.

If you are bolder in your colour choices, you can opt for colours like yellow. Yellow promotes happiness and optimism, making your bathroom look cheerful. Imagine waking up early in the morning and feeling motivated already while showering or brushing your teeth.

Else, you can always go for more neutral colours like cream or grey. As you lie in your bathtub, staring up, relaxing or thinking about life, you probably would not want a colour too striking to interrupt that peaceful state of mind.

Painters On Call

Painting the bathroom ceiling can be quite a hassle. That is when we the Paint Xpert Singapore comes in! With a team of professional painters, we guarantee you a service which will leave you feeling satisfied. If the bathroom ceiling is not the only part of the house that you want to paint, we as a one stop paint service centre also paint bedroom ceilings, kid’s bedroom walls and etc. Give us a call to arrange an appointment now!






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