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With the sky as the limit, how would you paint your bedroom ceiling so that it screams you? Let your imagination run wild and let us fulfill that dream.

Bedroom Ceiling Paint Singapore

More Than Just A Sleeping Space

Bedrooms are no longer just a resting space for us today. It has now upgraded its status to being “the room” where we enjoy precious personal time to recharge or to carry out some hobbies in peace. For some it may even double up as their study room or music room. Having this said, for the teenagers, you would spending a fair amount of time in it; while for the parents, you would dread a little escape to enjoy some personal time in the bedroom away from all the screaming and crying.

Therefore, there is definitely a need to transform it to a space where you would personally appreciate. Plus, after a sometime, a ceiling would need some touch up too.

A Sky Full Of Stars

If you can sleep under the star, would you? Now you can not only enjoy it outdoors, you can bring the night sky into your room! Be bold and paint the galaxy on that bedroom ceiling of yours. To amaze any sleepover guests, try painting the stars or the galaxy in luminous paint so that it will look ordinarily black during the daytime and glows in the dark at night. It would feel as if you have entered another dimension. Sleeping under the stars anyone?

Cotton Candy Dreams

What if you have always liked cloud watching and can spend hours staring at the clouds? Paint your bedroom ceiling a gorgeous sky blue and fluffy white clouds. The sky is the limit. With some imagination and some talented painters, you can literally do anything to your ceiling. That even includes painting the sunset if you are a sucker for the picturesque shades of pink, orange, purple and red masterpiece.

Dots And Stripes

Are you thinking that painting your ceiling a solid colour is a little too safe and boring for you? Like it is just okay for your preference and your personality demands more of it? You do not have to settle for “just okay”. Try painting polka dots and stripes on your ceiling. It adds a little bit of fun character into the room. You even use different shades to create a gradient effect.


What about metallic colours? Anyone interested to add a little shimmer to their room? If your room setting is on the rather dark side, like dark floor and dark furniture with a little metallic accent from the ornaments, painting your ceiling a metallic colour would instantly upgrade the aesthetic of the room. It will look so expensive as if you are staying in a suite. Now that sounds more like it.

The Minimalist

Light colours like white and pastel blue will make the ceiling look taller. It will also accentuates any interesting wall colours or light fixtures that you have. Darker colours on the other hand like dark grey or earthy red will make the room look more compact and make it seems cosier. If you want to add a punch of colour in the room, you can paint the ceiling a mellow yellow. Not only that it brightens up the room, it will give out a positive vibe. But beware of the shades. Always go for a lighter and softer shade.

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