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Living Room Ceiling Paint Singapore

For some families, the heart of the house may be the kitchen where everyone get together and prep the meals. For others, it may be the living room. Nothing beats coming back to a relaxing and comfortable living room after a long day outside. Most importantly, nothing beats the warmth of coming back to a living room that feels like home.

In Singapore where property developments are going vertical because of the scarcity of lands, most Singaporeans either live in flats or condominiums. The space may not be as lavish as landed houses, but there are always ways to make it feel more like home because at the end of the day, home is where the heart is. If there is a will, there is a way.

If this happened to be your first home, first think of a theme that you are going for as different colours will have different effects on the space.

The Everything Also Can

You can never go wrong with white. It does not only make your ceiling look several inches taller, it will also make the room feel a lot more airy. When paired with white or light coloured walls, the room will instantly look more spacious. When paired with rich coloured walls, the white ceiling will ensure that the room does not feel too crammed up and at the same time it will complement the coloured walls, making the wall colour pop. See, everything also can!

The Colourful One

Well, if you are really keen on adding a tad bit of colour in your living space but yet do not want to sacrifice the height escalating factor a white ceiling promises, you can always go for lighter shades like the pastel series or light grey.

As for those who like your living room warm and cosy, your choice of colours would be on the darker side. Colours like black and burgundy will bring the ceiling down a little and make you feel all bundled up in your blanket, nice and secure.

Hence, with a little play in colours, you would be able to bring the beach into your house, even Morocco or Santorini!

Let’s Get Dirty

Painting your own ceilings can seriously take up a lot of physical work and test your patience. The process is also rather tedious and messy.

First, you have to cover the floors and the furniture with newspapers because you are painting the ceiling and yes, there is a high possibility that the paint will drip.

Secondly, make sure that you clean the ceiling thoroughly so that the paint will adhere better. The ceiling should be dust-free, smooth and dry when it is ready for painting. If you just had a plaster work on the ceiling, wrap an abrasive paper around a wooden block and give the surface a good scrub to smoothen any uneven surface.

Thirdly, apply a layer of primer or base coat. This will prepare the wall for painting and ensure that the paint last for a longer time. Also, a base or a primer will give the colour of the paint a nicer finish, bringing out the true shade.

Fourthly, paint!

Conserve Your Energy

Are you feeling tired and drenched in sweat already reading the step above? Because I am, while writing it down, neck strained thinking about all the looking up just so I could see where I am painting. Wanting to paint the ceiling on your own is actually a very good initiative and shows great responsibility. But bear in mind that it would be pretty time consuming and tiring. It also poses a certain danger because you would be climbing the ladder if you are using a brush. You can always opt got a long roller.

Now, fret not, we are actually here for the rescue. We at Paint Xpert Singapore are a team of professionals that would cater to your needs from choosing the right paint colour to getting the paint job done. What you have to do is just dial our hotline or drop us an email to inquire more about our services or to book an appointment!




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