Commercial Painting

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Commercial Painting

Commercial painting is painting done for business premises. Besides the ordinary painting services offered, the commercial painter is preferred because of the expertise and wider scope of services they offer. Due to the commercial nature of the premises, the painters work closely with other contractors to ensure that the job is completed within the stipulated period.

Scope of Commercial Painting

Commercial painters tackle jobs of a large scale, such as painting a hospital, office, or school. A commercial painter will do the job promptly, and can work flexibly for minimal interruption with customers. This entails working after hours, on holidays or any other time suitable for the client. The tools used in a commercial painting job are more efficient, and are suitable for different surfaces and textures. The painting job is done to the client’s satisfaction, through quality workmanship, and at competitive prices.

Interior and Exterior Painting

Commercial painting is done to enhance and increase the market value of the building. The services are extended to offices, schools, hospitals, warehouses, and shopping malls. Besides interior and exterior painting, each job includes surface preparation, power washing, sand blasting, and coating. All these elements are part of the quality workmanship commercial painters provide.

Interior Painting

Before the painting is done, precaution is taken to ensure a safe job. Furniture is moved away from the walls, while fixed furniture and other surfaces are covered. Interior painting is done on new or previously painted surfaces. The area to be painted is sanded, caulked, or patched. This guarantees that the job is done on a clean and even surface. All borders and wood work are taped, then all the supplies to be used are brought in, as the interior painting commences. Other services include drywall repair, wallpaper removal, and mildew removal. Top quality brushes, paints and scrapers are used, to ensure that the interior painting is professional and neat.

Exterior Painting

To keep your business premises looking good in Singapore’s humid climate, a neat exterior painting job is essential. Precaution is taken to cover all surrounding surfaces. This includes protecting windows, flower beds and other exterior features of the building.  Previously painted surfaces are given a power wash, whilst bare surfaces are primed, to have a clean and even painting space. High quality materials are used to paint the exterior of the building. They are specially formulated to withstand harsh weather elements such as ultraviolet rays from the sun and excessive rain. High quality materials guarantee that the painting job will last for years. Depending of the size and structure, different painting methods are used. It can either rolling, spraying, or brushing. The painters perform each job per its specifications, paying great attention to detail.

Personalised Painting Services

For a personalised touch to the painting job, commercial painters can incorporate your company’s logo, colour themes and any other finishes on request.

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