Building Painting

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Building painting

A building is painted to improve its aesthetic, and to protect it from harsh weather elements such as rust, corrosion, ultraviolet rays, and excessive rain. Well painted buildings attract customers, and contribute to a serene working environment. It is also a sign that responsible occupants are maintaining the building. Professional building painters assume a high level of responsibility when taking up a job. This comprises of on-site evaluation, providing the essential tools, mixing the right paint pigments, and protecting other surfaces in the process. The building is painted internally and externally, keeping in mind the client’s specifications, and how best the building can be sustained. At the end, an immaculate interior and exterior paint job is achieved.

Weather elements

Buildings are susceptible to harsh weather elements, especially in a humid climate like Singapore. This causes cracks, discoloration, mildew, and air bubbles in the walls. The building ends up looking old and unkempt, and its market value also decreases. Customers shy away from such premises because how a building looks says a lot about the business operating inside. However, all it takes is a professional team to paint the building, and have it looking well-groomed again. An immaculate paint job will restore the building’s appearance and market value, while giving the right first impression.

On-site evaluation

When painting a building, evaluation is important. This is done to determine whether both the exterior and interior of the building need to be worked on. Areas not to be painted are masked using tape. Any key areas such as cracks, dents and air bubbles are noted. Thoroughly assessing the building’s condition gives the painter a clearer picture of how the paint job needs to be conducted.


Paint preparation is essential, as it allows the painter to provide the exact shades and hues to suit the building and the client’s specifications. Samples are provided, so that the client makes an informed decision. The painting personnel bring all the tools required for the job, from the paint, paint brushes, scrapers, to ladders, lifts, and scaffolds. Once all the resources are gathered, and the evaluation is finalised, the painting is set into motion. High-pressure washing is done to provide a clean slate for painting. The painters will work on the building promptly and efficiently, delivering an immaculate finish.

Special finishes

Professional painters complete the task by giving the building special finishes. These include fireproofing, and other coatings that will make the exterior easier to clean, and repel stains. Other special features such as an accent wall are done on request, to fit your style and budget. A clean and freshly painted building will attract more business and tenants, and gives the right first impression.

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