Floor Painting

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Floor Painting

A floor contributes to the overall aesthetic of a room; thus, a well-groomed and painted floor is necessary. Professional painters can turn a bland floor, into an eye-catching colourful one. Due to the constant feet traffic the floor is subjected to, a professionally done job is important. Professional painters will evaluate the size and structure of the floor, before delivering tailor-made services that will give a stunning result. Proper evaluation and preparation should be done before any painting commences.


Floor painting is done on a clean and dry surface for optimum results. The base should be prepared for painting per its material, to allow the paint to adhere. It also guarantees that the finish lasts longer. Wooden floors should be wiped clean, and any polishes should be completely washed out. A concrete floor is washed with a degreasing solution, breaking down all dirt and solvents. The floor should be left to dry completely.

Base Preparation

When the floor is dry, sanding is done. This allows for uniformity and an even surface for painting. All bumps are evened out, whilst any slight dents are filled with putty. Cracks are mended and filled in too. If the floor has any existing finishes, they are tested for compatibility before painting commences, to prevent any reactions. When the surface is flat and even, a primer is applied. Primer is essential for areas which have never been painted before. It gives the paint a stable surface to adhere to. Each coat of primer is left to dry before the next one is applied.


Using either a paint roller or compressor, the floor is painted. The number of coats applied is determined by whether the client prefers a translucent or opaque finish. The paint should be left to dry completely between coats. Depending on the style and pattern to be achieved, each step is done carefully, so that the wet finish will not be distorted. Special tools are used to transfer the paint pattern, if any, onto the floor.

Types Of Floor Paint

There are two types of floor paints; oil-based enamel and latex enamel. Oil-based paint will give a glossy finish, whilst latex enamel gives a matte finish. The type of paint to be used depends on the client’s taste, and the type of floor in question.

Sealing And Finishing

To complete the job, an industrial-strength sealant is used. This is done to increase the paint’s durability. On areas with high traffic, it is essential to seal the area with a coat of polyurethane. This sealant also gives the floor a gloss finish, which improves the paint’s appearance. The result will be a neatly painted floor which can withstand foot traffic, and last for years.

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