Gym Painting

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Gym Painting

With an upsurge in health and fitness awareness, there is higher competition between gyms, and appearance plays a key factor in retaining customers and experiencing business growth. It is essential to engage professional painters who will deliver special coatings and unique shades and hues, to set you far apart from any competition. A typical gym paint job comprises of interior and exterior painting, car park striping, application of vinyl logos, and epoxy flooring.

Interior Painting

The interior of the gym is painted with co-ordinating colours. This is extended to locker rooms, rest rooms, pool rooms and main equipment rooms. Eco-friendly paints with minimal odour and less irritants are used. Choosing a healthier option for the paint used attracts more clientele, and makes the gym more preferred than others. The hues and shades used create a serene environment which aids productivity in the gym. Interior painting is done promptly, using expert tools and high quality paint. Using high quality resources ensures that the finished job lasts longer. Each painting session is done with optimum safety and minimal business interruption.

Exterior Painting

The exterior of the gym is painted in a striking and endearing manner to attract customers. The exterior is given a power wash, so that the painting is done on a clean and even surface. The client’s colour theme is considered, and incorporated into the gym’s ultimate painting plan and strategy. The expert team of painters will develop the colour theme for the exterior so that the gym is at its best appearance. The resulting paint job will leave the exterior immaculate and well-groomed.

Car Park Striping

If the gym has its own designated parking area, the parking bays are painted and demarcated with the gym’s colour themes. This gives a personalised touch to the gym’s parking area.

Vinyl logos

The gym logos are painted onto vinyl material using specially formulated paints. The vinyl banners are used to market the gym, or serve as reminders for important instructions.

Epoxy Flooring

The expert painting team professionally conducts epoxy flooring, as it is an economic and durable flooring method for high traffic areas such as gyms. The floor is prepared by being blasted; removing all old paints, and any dirt and debris. A moisture test is carried out, to determine whether the floor is ready for painting. The surface is left clean, even, and ready for painting. The colours and finishes of the floors are done to the client’s specifications.


To complete the paint job, the gym exterior is treated with coats to protect it against harsh weather elements, so that the completed job lasts longer.

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