Hospital Painting Services

Contact us today for all your hospital painting services. We have well-trained and knowledgeable painters  who will transform any hospital up to par.

Hospital Painting Services

The surface finishing in medical facilities is important, as it is a delicate and sensitive environment. It should be clean, and should aid it maintaining a sterile and smart environment. It requires professional painting services to ensure that the hospital is kept conducive for the treatment and recovery of patients. Given that people’s lives are at stake, it is essential to engage professional painters which offer durable and eco-friendly services.

Hospital Environment

A hospital comprises of several types of rooms which house different equipment. There are offices, waiting rooms, patient wards, X-Ray, and diagnostics rooms. Sterility is important in all rooms, so that patients and the medical staff will not have infections.

Paint Specifications

The paint used in the hospital environment is crucial, as it should have little to no effect on people’s breathing and overall well-being. Low and non-VOC paint is used, as it has less emissions that may trigger breathing problems. The paint should be mild for patients with asthma and other nasal diseases. The essential part of mixing the paint hues is to produce a low emission formula which is durable and eco-friendly. The paint should not disrupt the use of machinery in the medical facility.

Electrostatic Painting

Electrostatic painting is appropriate for sensitive and high-tech environments such as hospitals. The painting method uses electronic atoms to distribute paint particles uniformly and efficiently to metal surfaces. It works on metal surfaces and all hard to reach areas. It restores machinery to its best condition, and reduces paint wastage. The crisp finish achieved from electrostatic painting enables the surface to repel dirt, oil, and grease accumulation.

Exterior Painting

Depending on the condition of the exterior, it is power washed, then repaired for any dents and damages. Once a uniform surface is achieved, the exterior is painted. The colour palette of the exterior of the hospital is minimalistic, to denote a well-kept and serene environment. The colours should enhance healing. The hospital’s colour scheme is incorporated to reflect the hospital’s identity. Any paintings showing directions and information to assist visitors are retouched so that people can navigate easily. Parking lots are strip painted so that motorists can park quickly without confusion.

Hospital Facilities

The hospital has several components that should always be painted regularly to enhance their functionality. Hospital safety markings are retouched and painted in a bold colour. Metal surfaces are treated for rust encapsulation, then painted for protection. Some floors are painted with for a non-slip finish, whilst others are treated to be anti-microbial. Evening, weekend, and holiday painting slots are available for convenience and minimum interruption with the hospital schedule.

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Contact us today for all your hospital painting services. We have well-trained and knowledgeable painters  who will transform any hospital up to par. Our painters guarantee durable and eco-friendly services that will precipitate the treatment and recovery of patients. Our working time is flexible and strategic, for minimum interruption with the hospital schedule. For competitive prices, high quality materials and a serene hospital environment, engage our services today.


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