Office Painting

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Office Painting

A painted office gives an overall impression of class, grace, and professionalism. It makes the working environment more comfortable, and more conducive for customers too. Having office premises painted by licenced commercial painters improves the brand image, and helps maintain the market value of the building. Office painting is done on the exterior and interior; per the client’s specifications, and at competitive prices.

Tailor-made Services

Office settings, sizes and structures are different, so each painting job is tailor-made to suit each one. An on-site evaluation is made so that the painters prepare well for the job. For new offices, a colour scheme is discussed, preferably one that is in line with the company’s logo. For previously used offices, any areas that need special attention or repair are noted. An on-site evaluation before the painting commences is important because it saves time, as the painters show up for the job adequately equipped and ready to work.

Exterior Office Painting

The exterior of a building can either attract or repel customers, that is why a neatly done paint job is a necessity. The exterior is exposed to all the weather elements, which may make the building appear old and unattractive. However, professional painters will restore the building’s appearance through high quality tools and paint. An evaluation is done, whether it is first time painting or touch ups, or if any repair is needed before the painting commences. Any cracks and dents are filled up with crack filler to give an even surface for painting. The paint hues are mixed to the customer’s specifications, and the painting is done. The type of paint used can withstand all weather elements for years, delivering a satisfactory job which lasts for years. The end result will be a striking, well-groomed office building, in which customers and employees can conduct business profitably.

Interior Office Painting

Painting the interior of the office is important because it contributes to the overall feel of the working environment. Prior to painting, all the necessary preparation is done; from moving and protecting furniture, to delegating duties. Low odour paint and professional tools are used, to deliver an immaculate finish. The painting is done neatly, paying attention to detail so that the results last for years on end. The company logo is incorporated into the paint colour scheme. A special accent wall is done on request.

Quality Of Services

Given the commercial nature of the premises, office painters work promptly, and can also work flexibly to meet the client’s needs. Eco-friendly paint is used, and safety is guaranteed for everyone on site. High quality materials are used so that the paint job can withstand the adverse weather elements in Singapore.

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