School Painting

The painters work promptly and professionally,whilst using high grade equipment and paint. Engage our services for competitive prices and excellent workmanship.

School Painting

School buildings are in constant use, so they require touch ups from time to time; especially painting. A neatly painted school instils trust in the parents who enrol their children in that school, it makes the children enjoy their learning environment, and it makes work more enjoyable for all the employees. A professional painting contractor will deliver a good paint job promptly, within the school’s budget, and ensures that safety is observed always.

Services Offered

The school area includes classrooms, offices, cafeteria, gymnasium, and dormitories. Prior to the painting job, some of the services offered include pressure washing and graffiti removal. Miscellaneous services are also performed such as parking lot striping, score board markings, field striping, and epoxy flooring. Due to the wide scope of painting services available, the school administration should communicate clearly their expectations to the contractor. The painters ensure that all safety measures for a school environment are observed, and that the painting job is completed promptly for minimal interference with school activities.

Exterior Painting

The exterior surfaces of the school buildings must be maintained in a good condition, as they contribute to the overall rating of the school environment. Each area is painting per its surface structure and material. Some surfaces are concrete, whilst others are wooden or plastic. These are painted accordingly, and each surface is repaired and evened out for optimum results. The painters adhere to the school’s colour theme, to preserve the heritage and school tradition. Exterior painting is extended to the gate posts and the school driveway. For uniformity and an elegant finish, all the paint hues are mixed accurately. The key features of the exterior paint job are durability and functionality. Special features such as flag posts and fountains are painted as well, so that the overall environment is evenly maintained.

Interior Painting

Having a clean and neatly painted interior is a priority in the learning environment. Low odour and environmental-friendly paint mixtures are used. The painters use mostly neutral and pastel colours because the main purpose of the painting is functionality. The main feature of the class room painting job is the gloss finish used. The gloss finish makes any dirt on the wall go away with just one wipe. The gloss finish is recommended for an environment with younger learners, or any school which requires a low maintenance paint job. The painters ensure that despite the school administration’s specifications, the safety and well-being of students prioritised.

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We offer elegant and durable painting services for schools. Our experienced team will consult with you, and advise on the best painting plan that is appropriate for the school. The painters work promptly and professionally, whilst using high grade equipment and paint. Engage our services for competitive prices and excellent workmanship. We work flexibly on weekends, evenings, and holidays for minimum interruption with school activities. We guarantee you value for money- and incredible results that last for years. Protect the legacy of your school and engage our services today.

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