Shopping Mall Painting

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Shopping Mall Painting

Shopping malls attract many people primarily because of its aesthetics, which is reflected by its exterior and interior paint job. A shopping mall faces large volumes of people; thus, the premises face constant wear and tear. To maintain a shopping mall in its immaculate and classy appearance, it is essential to engage professional painting services. The painting job covers the exterior of the mall, the parking lots, driveways, and the interior of the mall. Besides the physical features of the mall, there are numerous businesses to co-ordinate so that the painting is completed efficiently, and with minimal customer interruption.


 It is essential to engage professional painters with the experience, resources, and knowledge for the painting to be done promptly and efficiently. Proper communication is done in time to inform the separate business of the painting schedule. Necessary preparations, like blocking out certain areas is also done. Most of the painting is done after hours, or on holidays, so that there is minimal interruption with business activities. Safety measures are put in place, to avoid injuries to employees, the clients, and the customers.

Given that malls attract large volumes of people, eco-friendly paints and chemicals are recommended. This is done so that the indoor air quality is not distorted, and that there is minimal paint odour.

Exterior Work

The exterior of the mall is the focal point of its attractiveness. This means that the exterior of the mall should be painted neatly and immaculately, with well-pigmented paints. The colour scheme should be warm and inviting, yet classy and professional. This is supposed to make the building striking and endearing from afar. It should reflect the quality services offered inside the mall. Customers would be intrigued with what is going on inside the mall, and thus lead to an increase in store traffic.

For the exterior, power washing is done to clean the walls and remove any existing paint on the walls. When the walls are cleaned, high pigment paint is applied using expert tools. The professional painting team considers the mall’s colour scheme, and provides the respective shades and hues. Professional equipment such as lifts, ladders and scaffolds are used to paint the hard-to-reach areas. The finished job is left to dry completely. It lasts for years, and withstands harsh weather elements.

Interior work

The internal environment of a mall determines how much customers keep visiting the stores. As such, an immaculate painting job is essential to create the ideal shopping environment for customers, and boosts the building’s market value. Painting the interior requires great co-ordination and communication, so that respective businesses will not be inconvenienced and disrupted. Painting appointments are scheduled at flexible hours to suit the various retailers within the mall. The scheduling of appointments is also arranged in a way where safety is guaranteed for customers and the painters. A safe working environment is essential whilst executing interior painting in a commercial space.

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