Stair Painting

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Stair Painting

A staircase primarily links floors, but it can also be an area to express creativity and personal style. It is a prominent feature in a building or room, and faces high traffic. Due to constant usage and time, the staircase gets dull and dirty. It takes a professional painter to restore a staircase to its best appearance, making taking the stairs a refreshing experience. To ensure that a flawless paint job is done, preparation is essential.

Types of Stair Surfaces

Staircases have different surfaces, but the fundamental painting process is the same. Some staircases may be plain wood, while others maybe concrete, or have faux carpets and runners. Despite the type of surface of the staircase, it should be cleaned and repaired to give a clean and even surface for painting to commence.


Before the painting commences, thorough cleaning is done; removing all grease, dirt, and debris. The surface is scraped with sandpaper, and cleaned down with detergent. If there have been carpets recently removed, the surface requires more attention while cleaning. The surface must be scraped, ensuring that all nails and staples are completely removed. All treads, risers and spindles should be stripped off any product on them. A clean neat surface helps with paint adhesiveness, and results in an immaculately finished paint job. Any other areas surrounding areas should be taped and protected from spillages.


A primer coat is applied, to protect the surface, increase adhesiveness, and durability. A high-quality paint is used to paint the treads, risers, and spindles, because the greater the quality, the more suitable it is for high traffic areas. This ensures that the finished result lasts for a long time. High quality products and tools are used to conduct a painting job that withstands daily wear and tear. A darker paint will be suitable, as it creates the illusion of wood, and conceals dirt. The paint is left to dry in between coats to ensure each coat is flat and even on the stair surface. Great care is taken to ensure surrounding areas are not spoiled accidentally. Moist rags are kept at hand for spills and splurges. During the painting, the surface is carefully worked around so that no objects will distort the wet paint.


A clear urethane oil is used to finish the stairs, because it can withstand high traffic. The finishing layer is left to dry completely. Customised patterns such as faux wood grain can also be added to the stairs on request. When the sealant dries completely, the stairs will be neatly painted. The masking tapes are removed, revealing a smart and freshly painted staircase. The stairs are wiped using a moist micro fibre rag to clean them.

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