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Warehouse Painting Services

Warehouses are a storage of goods and materials in transit for wholesalers, importers, exporters, and retailers. The warehouse experiences a lot of traffic from people and industrial machines alike. Professional painting services are required to keep the warehouse well-groomed and conducive for the storage of goods and raw materials. The key feature of a warehouse is functionality, meanwhile aesthetics is a secondary feature. Warehouse painting services allow the exterior of the building to look well-groomed and attractive, whilst the interior is made optimum for the storage of goods in a good condition.


Warehouse Preparation

Before the painting commences, it is essential to fully prepare the warehouse. All the goods and materials in the warehouse need to be moved. They are moved with extra caution and stored in a safe place. The walls and floors are scraped to do away with old paint residues and debris. Crack and dents are filled up with a concrete mix to achieve a smooth and even surface. The surface is power washed and degreased so that dirt will not adhere. This aids in achieving a smooth finish. The floor is covered with cloths to absorb excess paint, and areas where rails and lanes will be placed are taped. The painters ensure that the painting will not affect any good or surfaces, leading to faster completion of the job.


Warehouse Painting

The paint mixture used to paint the walls is formulated to withstand harsh weather elements. The walls are coated with an eggshell finish. The matte finish is most suitable for the warehouse walls, since aesthetics are not a priority. However, the walls can be painted to the client’s specification. The company logo and theme colours may also be incorporate on an accent wall.


Warehouse Floor

The warehouse floor is the focal point, as the goods will be placed there. The floor is painted with various colour codes. These codes denote specific area for goods and any additional information which is vital to the employees. Black and yellow diagonal lines are used for areas where forklifts will travel. Red and white is used for areas where hazardous substances will be stored. General storage areas are painted in black and white. These colour codes are essential for easier navigation, and to raise alert among the employees.


Special Features

Special finishes complete the warehouse painting job. Anti-slip finish is applied to the floors. This adds more grip to the floor to reduce slipping and injuries. The floors are also damp-proofed, because moisture spoils goods. The steel structures are treated for rusting, and painted with a protective coat. The structures inside the warehouse are repaired and painted so that they stay in their optimum condition.


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