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Searching for a three-dimensional professional-looking yet highly durable floor solution? Look no further than epoxy flooring. Leave the installation to us.

Trusted Epoxy Flooring in Singapore

Classy Grounds

Searching for a three-dimensional professional-looking yet highly durable floor solution? Look no further than epoxy flooring. This coat is an excellent choice if you despise stains of any kind, be it water, food, oil or abrasive chemicals such as cleansers and bleach. Hence it is the perfect floor for almost every need, including and not limited to homes, bathrooms, garages, hospitals and even parking grounds. The variety of colours and patterns available will definitely make your selection process a lengthy one.

Maintenance Heaven

Ever wonder how floors in hotel lobbies achieve such gloss that it sparkles and you could see your own reflection in it? Before you say “it’s because they clean it daily”, first think about the nature of the floor. The epoxy coating is extremely smooth and even, and this makes the cleaning job a piece of cake. Besides their aforementioned waterproof and chemical-resistant property, an epoxy flooring is the worst choice for a microbial breeding ground, and this is marvellous in terms of minimising the risk of getting sick.

Jack Of All Trades

You must be thinking that this elegant flooring must come at a high price. In that case, you are mistaken as epoxy floors have one of the lowest per square foot cost in the market. This is because the installation process is that this coat can be applied directly over concrete and other types of flooring. Second only to concrete, epoxy floors have high durability and can last for decades without a sign of peeling nor cracking. These floors also promote safety by reflecting light off themselves –especially useful in garages and industrial workplaces requiring a lot of illumination.

The Installation Flow

To prepare for this shiny coating, grinding or shot blasting must first be done to clean the surface. Any visible cracks or unsightly joints should be filled. The first coat to apply is the bond coat, which is an epoxy with a similar colour to the finished floor. This is followed by a second bond coat, then vinyl colour flakes or chips are immediately spread onto the wet epoxy. Upon curing of the colour flake coat, loose materials are swept away and the use of a two top coat system of polyurethane or polyaspartic is applied. This top coat is important for waterproofing as well as eliciting the much-preferred gleam. The drying of the top coat marks the end of the installation process and the start of an attractive and long-lasting foundation.

We Are The Floor Experts

As our namesake suggests, we at SGPaintXpert Pte Ltd are adept at all things paint, but we also cater to your flooring needs. We offer an eclectic range of products and services which include both internal and external painting, and more types of coatings than you could choose from. This com is committed to accept all painting or flooring projects throughout Singapore; no project is too big nor too small for us. So what are you waiting for? Contact our office now to book an appointment and witness our amazing service.

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