Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Getting epoxy flooring for your commercial establishment or facility is one of the best ways to revamp its look. For professional help, call SgPaintXpert now!

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Singapore

In a commercial or industrial setting, epoxy flooring is by far the best option you can have for your facility’s floor surface. It is practical, durable and cost effective in the long run, which makes it the better alternative when compared with other floor types like concrete or wood. As good as epoxy flooring is, proper installation by skilled professionals is still necessary to ensure that it holds up in a demanding and high traffic environment.

Simply Stunning

Epoxy flooring comes in a variety of colours and design that can be customised to create a stunning, brand new look for your warehouse, facility or workshop’s floor. Whether you’re going for a simple, solid-colour floor or something with a more glossy finish, you can rest assured that it will last for many years after application. Besides improving the overall aesthetic value of your facility, epoxy flooring also provides a waterproof and mould resistant coat that helps protect and extend the lifespan of your floor.

Clean With A Breeze

Most coverings and treatments for retail concrete floors involve cumbersome maintenance such as buffing, waxing and shampooing, which often leads to customer inconvenience, costly downtime and higher overall cost for maintenance. This is why epoxy flooring is such an ideal option to go for, where it creates a non-porous, seamless surface that leaves no space for dirt, mould or any debris to accumulate. Epoxy floors are also stain resistant so less water will be consumed and the whole cleaning process will be that much easier and more effective.

Get It Done The Professional Way

Epoxy flooring is without a doubt the best flooring solution for just about any industry there is today. If you want it done fast and flawless, then getting professional painters like us at SgPaintXpert is your best course of action. Years of experience and prerequisite skills play a big part in the final end product of any epoxy flooring application, and you can definitely trust that we only employ painting experts that fit the bill. No matter what painting projects we are entrusted with, we will always get it done to our customers’ satisfaction.

We Cover Every Industry

Every industry has their own special needs when it comes to floor maintenance, and you can bet that our commercial epoxy flooring has what it takes to handle the demands of any industry you might be involved in. Whether you’re in the automotive or manufacturing industry, you can trust that our epoxy flooring will be able to withstand any chemical spills, abrasions or heavy impact that might occur in your facility. Even the healthcare industry can benefit from having an epoxy floor surface that’s non-slip and safe for your patients and staff alike.

Trust In Our Capable Hands

Painting, even if it’s just for your floor, is something not to be taken lightly of as it reflects on the level of your commitment to make your facility the best from the rest. Epoxy flooring is a task for skilled professionals and you can certainly trust in the capable hands of our painters to deliver first-class quality painting every single time. So what are you waiting for? Get an epoxy makeover for your facility’s floor today by the finest painting service provider in Singapore – SgPaintXpert!


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