Epoxy Floor For Bathroom

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Epoxy Floor For Bathroom

To keep the bathroom looking smart and tidy, it is essential to invest in strong, durable, and sanitary flooring options. Humidity, moisture and dampness may deteriorate the whole aesthetic environment of the bathroom gradually. Epoxy flooring is recommended for bathrooms because of its features. It is easy to clean, aesthetically pleasing, and, waterproof, so it is the best for rooms which are exposed to humidity and moisture. Epoxy flooring can be applied to cover older, worn out floors, or as an actual floor itself.

Advantages Of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floors are easy to clean. Cleaning requires wiping or brushing the floor with water and a mild detergent. A thorough rinse with clean water, and mopping with a clean cloth will complete the task, leaving the bathroom floor spotless. This saves money on buying high intensity cleaning detergents and tools to clean the bathroom. It also saves on time because the cleaning procedure is simple.

Epoxy floors are non-porous, which means they do not absorb dirt. This prevents infections and other foul smells from coming from the floor. Epoxy floor mixtures are made with microbial additives that inhibit the growth of micro-organisms. Epoxy floors thus provide a sanitary environment, due to their non-absorbent surface.

Epoxy floors are durable. They have strong adhesion, so the floor will not peel despite frequent usage. It can also withstand chemical spillage and urine. The epoxy floor retains its finish despite changes in temperature and humidity. The epoxy floor is the best option for bathrooms because of how it is cost-effective, durable, easy to maintain and sanitary.


The application of epoxy flooring requires precision and attention to detail. The base of the floor is cleaned and repaired. It is evened out to prevent lumps when the epoxy floor coating is being applied. The base is cleaned to eliminate any agent that may interfere with the floor coating, which may distort the finished look. A primer coat is applied to aid the adhesion of the epoxy coating. The epoxy floor coating is applied using a trowel, evening out any bubbles and delivering a smooth surface. The floor is left to cure for up to 24 hours. The curing time allows the epoxy floor coating to adhere well, and it allows the floor to become hard without any moisture trapped. The surface will have a high gloss finish, and will be dry and non-absorbent. Textured epoxy coating can also be used on the bathroom floor to enhance grip, and prevent injury from slipping. For an overall beautiful appearance, the coating may be mixed with different shades and hues to create unique patterns.

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