Epoxy Flooring For Basement

The damp and humid conditions of a basement calls for a flooring that’s both waterproof and durable— Epoxy! Call us now for the best painting services in town.

Epoxy Flooring For Basement Singapore


Having a basement in your home represents a great opportunity to expand your living space without incurring a hefty cost. From offices, guest rooms to play rooms for the kids, you can do almost anything with your basement by adding relevant furniture and accessories. Some renovation work is also necessary for the walls, ceiling and floor to make your basement a functional yet stylish room. Picking the flooring material of your basement will be crucial as it needs to cope with belowground environments.

Too Moist? No Problem

Basements are notorious for being damp and humid environments, where most of the moisture comes off the floor surface. This is why traditional flooring materials such as carpet, vinyl or laminate will not work for basements. To avoid build-up of mould and unpleasant odours, you will need a waterproof flooring material such as epoxy. Epoxy is a plastic-like adhesive that’s commonly applied in several layers to create a thick barrier that will protect your basement’s concrete floor from any water damage.

Toughest Of The Tough

Epoxy is certainly a better option compared to retail grade enamel or water based basement floor paint, both of which require constant repainting for maintenance. Besides being a waterproof flooring material, epoxy is also one of the strongest and most durable materials you can have as your basement floor. Aggregate epoxy flooring is particularly tough and can last for many years, provided that it is installed correctly. You would need the right proportions of epoxy solution and aggregates to produce the toughness that you so desire for your basement floor.

Prep Work Is Crucial

Like any paint jobs, you need to prepare your basement floor surface well before applying the layers of epoxy. Any cracks on the concrete floor should be filled whereas uneven surfaces on the floor ought to be levelled with a sander. This is followed by the application of epoxy base primer that forms a barrier between your basement’s floor and the epoxy flooring which prevent any risk of water damage. All these preparatory work will ensure that the end result of your epoxy flooring will be flawless, smooth and shining with elegance.

Too Troublesome? Leave It To Us

Giving your basement floor an epoxy makeover is the best way to improve the room’s ambience without breaking the bank. Even so, purchasing the necessary materials and doing the actual work on your own may prove to be too tedious and time consuming. Rather than stressing yourself out over it, why not just let professionals like SgPaintXpert do it for you instead? Our professionals are cream of the crop when it comes to painting and you can definitely trust in us to get your epoxy flooring done with quality and efficiency.

Get Your Money’s Worth

Here at SgPaintXpert, we make sure that our customers get their money’s worth when they turn to us for professional painting services. From quality epoxy flooring materials to skilled professionals with years of experience, we provide only the best for our customers without incurring any additional costs. So what are you waiting for? Call us today and leave it to our experts to transform your basement floor with colourful and stylish epoxy designs!

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