Epoxy Flooring For Garage

Getting an epoxy makeover for your garage floor gives it that perfect, glossy look. If you’re looking for professionals to do it for you, call SgPaintXpert!

Epoxy Flooring For Garage Singapore


Epoxy flooring is one of the toughest and most durable finishes you can have for your garage floor. Having an epoxy floor in your garage ensures that any accidental spillage of oil, brake fluids, gasoline or other caustic car chemicals can be easily wiped off. Besides being a comprehensive protection that keeps your garage floor free of cracks and stains, epoxy flooring is also capable of transform your boring and dull looking concrete floor into one that oozes beauty and prestige.

Getting It Right

Quality epoxy floor systems are only possible when there’s proper floor preparation prior to coating. It usually involves floor grinding, shot blasting or acid etching as the first step to profile the concrete floor for epoxy coating. If you find any cracks or surface damage on your garage floor, then it’s best to patch it up first before laying down the epoxy. Once all the groundwork is done, you can proceed with applying the epoxy primer, followed by several layers of epoxy coating to create a strong and durable finish.

Shine Bright With Epoxy

The use of epoxy flooring in your garage guarantees a surface that’s as shiny as those you would normally see in car showrooms. This is all down to the clear top coat of an epoxy floor, which provides a glossy look and depth that is certain to mesmerise any onlookers and brighten things up in your garage. There is also a variety of finishes and colour that you can use to customise an epoxy flooring that personifies your style and character.

Never Skimp On Quality

Epoxy is a material consisting of polymer structures that are closely cross-linked as a result of a curing process. This results in a coating with strength and durability that’s characteristic of an epoxy floor. This is however, dependent on the quality of epoxy flooring applied and choosing one with lesser quality will only spell trouble for you. Low quality epoxy products aren’t as durable and they can easily be damaged by rain, salts and road dirt. At the end of the day, it will just cost you more to maintain and repair, which why getting top quality epoxy products is what you need and you can bet that SgPaintXpert has it all.

Quality And Professionalism Guaranteed

Here at SgPaintXpert, there is no place for water based epoxies or cycloaliphatic epoxies with low grade substitute materials because we believe in only the best products for our customers. Besides selling quality epoxy products for your garage floor, we also have the finest team of professionals that can do the job for you. With years of experience and extensive training in the art of painting, our professionals are certainly capable of transforming your garage floor into a work of wonder.

Get It Done Today

Renovation work for any of the spaces in your home is tedious and time consuming. With life in Singapore already so demanding as it is, you certainly don’t need the extra stress of doing it all by yourself. So give yourself a break and let our professionals take care of your garage floor’s epoxy makeover for you. No hassle. No fuss.

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