Epoxy Flooring For Hospitals

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Epoxy Flooring For Hospitals

Hospital floors experience heavy traffic, and get contaminated easily; which calls for frequent cleaning and maintenance. Epoxy floor coating is recommended for hospitals because it is durable, provides a smooth finish, and can be easily cleaned. Epoxy flooring provides a high gloss finish, which makes the hospital aesthetically pleasing, and it is also an eco-friendly measure for protecting constantly used floors. Professionals can apply epoxy flooring, to promote the maintenance of a clean, safe, and germ-free hospital environment.

Advantages Of Epoxy Floor Coating

An epoxy floor coating refers to the various resin finishes which are applied to wood, tile, or concrete floors. The epoxy coating produces a hard and durable surface which is waterproof. It does not absorb and dirty or grease, which makes it easy and affordable to clean. The finished floor can withstand heavy chemical solutions; such as the anti-bacterial detergents used to clean hospital floors. The epoxy floor coating can be treated with an anti-slip finish so that movement within the hospital is safer. The curing time for the floors is reasonable- which entails minimum interruption with the hospital schedule. Epoxy floor coating is appropriate for hospitals because it is an affordable long-term solution. Epoxy floor coating will make the hospital environment safe, easier to clean, and aesthetically pleasing.

Application Of Epoxy Floor Coating

For a seamless and clean finish, the hospital floor should be well-prepared for the epoxy floor coating. The floor is cleaned then repaired, filling up and sealing any major cracks and joints. An even and clean floor will help application and adhesion of the epoxy floor coating. The coating is applied thrice. The first coat will be the base, which smoothens the surface and acts as an adhesive for the subsequent layers. The second coat will be applied evenly, carefully sealing the floor. This is the coat which bears the design and texture of the finished product. Vinyl colour flakes are added to add to the pigment and achieve full coverage. The final coat is made of polyurethane, which enhances the high gloss appearance and waterproof finish.

Areas Of Application

The hospital has expansive surfaces which must meet strict hygiene standards, including safety and infection-control. The epoxy floor coating is applied from emergency rooms, operating rooms, and intensive care units, to the cafeterias and waiting rooms. The colour palettes are selected based on the room, the client’s choice, and the hospital’s colour theme. The epoxy floor coating will guarantee that the strict hygiene protocols are adhered do; as it can be cleaned and treated easily with anti-microbial solutions.

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