Bathroom Tile Painting

Old bathroom tiles are an eye sore and needs to be repainted to keep them looking bright and fresh. For professional painting services, look for SgPaintXpert!

Bathroom Tile Painting Singapore


Tiles on your bathroom walls and floor are installed to be there on a permanent basis. Even so, the paint colour and style on your bathroom tiles will go out of style and fade over time. This will leave you with tiles that are unsightly and in serious need of a makeover. Rather than going overboard by replacing your bathroom tiles with new ones, why not just give them a fresh lick of paint? It’s certainly more affordable and a faster alternative to give your bathroom tiles a revamp with new paint.

Know Your Tiles Well

Before you even think about how to paint your bathroom tiles, you have to first find out what sort of tiles you have in your bathroom. Whether they are glass, porcelain or ceramic tiles, you’ll need to customise the type of paint and other painting materials accordingly. For instance, oil-based paints are not recommended for porcelain and ceramic tiles as they will not bind well and peel off the surface easily. Epoxy paint on the other hand, will adhere to both types of tiles while also providing a waterproof coating to deal with high levels of moisture in your bathroom.

Prep For Success

Similar with other painting jobs, painting your bathroom tiles will need all the necessary preparatory work to make sure everything goes well. First of all, you’ll need to give your tiles a good scrubbing with quality cleaning products. If you spot any mould or mildew on your bathroom tiles, a mixture of household bleach and warm water will clean them right off. Once your tiles are cleaned and dried thoroughly, you can proceed with applying the primer and paint of your choice.

Getting Down To Business

While choosing the primer for your bathroom tile painting, it is wise to go for one that’s strong enough to withstand the high levels of humidity that’s typical of a bathroom. Epoxy or urethane bonding primer will provide great durability and they can be painted over with almost any painting products. Besides choosing paint colour and design for your bathroom tiles, it is also important to choose high quality paint specifically designed for tile painting so that they don’t flake off over time.

Do It Right

Painting your bathroom tile can be quite a fuss and it’ll demand a lot of time and commitment to get it done right the first time. Rather than leaving it to chance, why not get certified and experienced professionals to do it for you? SgPaintXpert has the most capable and skilled hands when it comes to household painting in Singapore and you can always expect first class quality service from us. Our painting experts have gone through intensive training to know the best way to deal with all sorts of bathroom tiles and provide painting services perfectly customised for you.

A True Masterclass In Painting

Here at SgPaintXpert, we take all our painting assignments very seriously and we will not waver in delivering top-notch services for our customers. If you’re yearning for a true masterclass in painting, then look no further because SgPaintXpert has the best men for the job. Call us up today and our customer service will gladly assist in making your bathroom tiles looking new and stylish.

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