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Bathtubs are the focal point of your bathroom and having chips and cracks on it just won’t do. Instead of replacing it, why not repaint it instead? Call us now!

Bathtub Painting Singapore


Renovating your bathroom may seem like an easy task at first glance, but it’s anything but. The bathtub for instance, is built to last in your bathroom and replacing it with a new one will definitely be costly and a tall order to deal with. Rather than spending a small fortune to replace your bathtub, why not repaint it instead?

Refinish, Don’t Replace!

The paint on your bathtub will chip off over time, which makes it vulnerable to rust or damage to the rest of your bathtub’s finish. This will leave you with two choices – get a new tub or refinish it. Replacing your bathtub is easier said than done as you’ll need to cut it into pieces before you can bring it out through your bathroom door. This goes the same for the new bathtub, and the labour expenses alone will make you think twice about replacing your bathtub. Refinishing your bathtub, on the other hand, cost much less and you can even try out new paint colours to improve its look.

Choose Wisely

There are a variety of products and manufactures that provide paint specifically made for bathroom appliances like bathtubs and sinks. Choosing one that’s of sufficient quality will be crucial if you want your bathtub’s new look to last longer. For bathroom appliances, professionals would recommend the use of epoxy paint that can withstand exposure to water for extended periods of time. Under no circumstances should you consider going for regular paint as they are not made to withstand high levels of moisture that’s typical of a bathroom.

Bathtub Painting 101

Before applying a new finish to your bathtub, you’ll need to work on stripping off the old one first by sanding the bathtub’s surface thoroughly. Having a smooth surface would allow better adhesion of your new paint finish. A comprehensive evaluation of your bathtub’s surface for rust spots, cracks or chips is also essential and needs to be repaired using waterproof crack-repair products. Once your bathtub is prep and ready, you may proceed with applying the primer, followed by several coats of the refinishing material of your choice. This is then top off with a sealant and left to dry for 1 to 3 days before you can run water over it.

Pros Know Best

Rather than getting your hands dirty by painting your bathtub on your own, why not get professionals to help you out? Getting certified and experienced painters like SgPaintXpert to handle your bathtub painting is certainly a sound plan that will guarantee high-quality finishing and superior workmanship. On top of that, we will also keep the rest of your bathroom and home well protected from any unwanted paint stains throughout the whole process.

We Aim To Please

SgPaintXpert have been in the painting business for many years, handling countless painting assignments all over Singapore. No matter what sort of painting is involved, we always aim to provide the highest level of service and we will not rest until our customers are satisfied with our work. If you’re interested to get your bathtub painted by the best painters in Singapore, then give us a call today and we’ll get it sorted out right away.



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