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Is your door worn out after much use and abuse? Then it’s probably time to give it a new coat of paint! Call us today for quality and efficient painting.

Door Painting Singapore


The door is the part of your house that sees a lot of usage and abuse on a daily basis, which calls for a little maintenance work to be done every now and then. Aside from regular cleaning and weatherproofing, giving your door a fresh coat of paint is also a great way to freshening things up. It can also be a welcomed opportunity for you to try out new colours for your door and improve on your home’s first impression.

Prep Well, Paint It Right

The doors in your house can be made of various materials, such as solid wood and Masonite. Knowing what your door is made of will be important for the preparation work needed to get your door ready for painting. For instance, the sanding process for Masonite doors is unique in that it requires special tools like nylon brushes, steel wool or small brass wire brushes to get a smooth finish throughout your door. Other preparative works like cleaning, scraping and patching are crucial for the removal of any surface imperfections that may jeopardise the end product of your door’s paint job.

Race against Time

Painting a door requires fast hands and it’s definitely a race against time if you want it done with perfection. Once the paint has been laid down on your door, you’ll have to be quick to smoothen it out before it all turns too sticky or stiff for you to level out the brush marks. This is all the more true in Singapore, where the climate is hot and humid all year round. Any lapse in concentration while painting your doors will certainly leave you with a real mess to deal with.

Leave It On Or Take It Down?     

If you’re looking to paint your door, it can either be done while it remains on the frame or removed from it. Painting doors without removing them from the frame is what professionals usually do and it requires a steady hand and a good brush to go along with it. One wrong stroke and you may end up having paint smears all over your door hinges and frame. This is why most would play it safe and take it down instead for painting. Though it may seem unnecessary to do so, painting your door while it’s laid flat on the ground certainly helps speed things up!

Too Much Fuss? Leave It to Us

Taking into consideration the amount of work and time needed to get your door painted, you could certainly do with some help to rid you of all the unnecessary fuss. Fret no further! SgPaintXpert is here to solve all your painting dilemmas. As one of the top painting service providers in Singapore, SgPaintXpert has years of experience dealing with all sorts of painting assignments, whether it’s for a condo, HDB unit or just a regular household. Our painters are certified, skilled and ready to deliver quality and efficient painting services every time, all the time!

Opt for Perfection

Here at SgPaintXpert, we give a lot of attention to every detail of our painting assignments and we will settle for nothing less of a perfectly executed paint job. So, whatever your painting needs may be, give us a call today and we’ll get right to painting your door into an inviting entrance to your home.


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