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Lawn painting isn’t as bizarre as it sounds and it’s certainly gaining popularity fast. If you yearn with a lawn that stays green all year long, call us now!

Lawn Painting Singapore


Lawn painting, as bizarre as it sounds, is something that has been around for quite some time. It is a common practice in sports industry where groundkeepers use it for golf courses and football fields to keep the grass looking lush green all year long. It has become so popular that even homeowners have taken interest in lawn painting, mostly because of the fact that it’s a faster and cheaper means of lawn maintenance.

What Is Lawn Paint?

Lawn paint is made of non-toxic ingredients such as pulverised kaolin or decayed plants that are biodegradable and safe for use in the environment. Once the lawn paint dries, your newly painted turf will be perfectly harmless for your kids and pets to play on. Depending on the quality of lawn paint that was applied, painted grass can maintain its colour throughout dewy mornings and frequent rainfall.

Stay Green And Natural

Despite its artificial nature, lawn painting can still maintain the natural look of your lawn if you use the right product. There are various paint products available that have been specially formulated to match the colour and appearance of specific grass varieties. All you’ve got to do is pick out one that’s suitable for your lawn’s grass type. If applied correctly, you can have a lawn that stays green and natural for months without reapplication.

Right Way, Right Time

Choosing the lawn paint for your turf is one thing, but doing it right is a whole different story. The first step involves mowing your lawn and raking up the glass clippings and other debris. Similar with all outdoor paint jobs, painting your lawn should also be done on a dry, sunny day so that the paint can dry faster. Although lawn paint is meant for grass, it can still stain your driveways, fence posts, pavers and garden mulch if you’re not carefully with it. This is where plastic sheeting and masking tape will come in handy to protect your surrounding areas from unwanted paint stains.

Do It The Professional Way

Lawn paint needs to be diluted according to the area to be covered and what colour you want for your lawn. Without experience and proper painting skills, chances are that you’ll end up with a poorly painted lawn. This is why professional painters are here for, and you can bet that SgPaintXpert has some of the finest painters in Singapore. Professionalism and dedication are what our customers can always expect when they come to us with their painting assignments. We ensure that all our painters are well trained and experienced enough to handle your lawn painting with care and excellent workmanship.

Too Troublesome? Leave It To Us

No one fancies the idea of staying under the hot sun to paint their lawn for a couple of hours or more. Rather than going through all the unnecessary trouble and expenses to paint your lawn, why not leave it to professionals like us instead? You’ll certainly free up a lot of time to do more important matters like work or quality time with your family. So hesitate no more and get in touch with us today and leave it to our experts to turn your lawn into a standout in your neighbourhood.


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