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Your living room deserves paint colours and design that represents your style and personality. So get it done today by true experts in painting — SgPaintXpert!

Living Room Painting Singapore


The living room is the go-to place for you and your family to gather and spend some quality family time with one another. This highly utilised room definitely has its fair share of spills and scrapes, which calls for some maintenance work every now and then. To keep your living room in tip-top condition, the best option you have is to give it a fresh coat of paint. It is the most versatile yet affordable way to transform your living room into a visual wonder.

Liven Up Your Living Room

Your living room’s painting is the perfect medium for you to express your decorating personality and style to friends and family alike. Whenever you have guests coming over to your house, you’d certainly want them to be wowed and mesmerised at the sight of your exquisitely painted living room. With the right paint colours and design in place, you can surely liven up the mood and atmosphere in your living room.

Go With the Right Colours

Whether you’re going for a modern and polished look or just something casual for your living room, choosing the right paint colours is of paramount importance. With an extensive palette of paint colours at your disposal, choosing the ones that work well for your living room is a choice not to be taken lightly of. Neutral paint colours like beige or grey are popular picks for living rooms as they allow continuity of wall colours in adjoining rooms of your house. Your choice of paint should complement the furniture, carpet and other accessories in your living room.

Too Bold and Dramatic? Try Accent Walls

While neutral paint colours are highly recommended for your living room’s painting, bold colours are quite popular as well for residential housings in Singapore. Paint colours like orange and red are guaranteed to create the dramatic feel you desire for your living room, but too much of it can be overwhelming at times. This is why professionals would recommend painting an accent wall instead as the focal point in your living room. The presence of an accent wall will certainly highlight the unique architectural features and create a sense of wonder in your living room.

Never Settle For Second Best

If you’re thinking of remodelling your living room with a fresh coat of paint, always go for the best painting materials and services available in Singapore. Look no further because SgPaintXpert can definitely deliver both and you can bet that we have among the best painting experts in the country. We do not cut corners when it comes to painting materials and equipment because we believe our customers deserve only the best from us.

Experience Professional Painting Like Never Before

Here at SgPaintXpert, our staff members are experienced and skilled in everything there is to do with painting. Delivering quality and professional painting is our passion and commitment, so whether you’re looking to paint your living room or any other areas in your house, you can certainly put your faith in SgPaintXpert. So contact us today and experience first class painting by true professionals.

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