Painting Stucco

Unlike normal wall, the stucco is uneven which makes painting it a little different. You either use a sprayer or a roller to get the job done. Or you call us!

Painting Stucco Singapore

Looks Matter

When it comes to revaluing a property, the exterior of the house plays an important key factor. It is the first thing that buyers notice when hunting for a house. If your house is easily overlooked or is standing out for the wrong reason, you may want to do something about it. No pain no gain. Try to not thinking of it burning a hole in your wallet, treat it as an investment.

Painting the exterior of the house freshens the look instantly like the new kid on the block. With the right palette it may even make your house look more expensive and catch the attention of buyers. Paint the walls, the door and the stucco if you have it.

You see, compared to other surfaces, the stucco will require a little bit more attention.

So let’s get down to business.

The Pre Prep

There are a few things to take note of before you start painting the stucco.

  1. If it is new, wait for at least 60 days to let it dry.

Stucco is porous and breathable, there is usually a film that separates it from the wall, it not let dry, and moisture may be locked inside, causing mould to grow.

  1. If there are cracks on the stucco, take care of it first with caulk before painting. Caulk works for hairline cracks. Anything bigger than that would require some fresh stucco to do the patching.
  1. Regardless of whether or not it is painted or new, both would need a good pressure washing to remove any loose paint or building material that would affect the adherence of paint on its surface.
  1. You may also want to choose a more mildew resistant paint to withstand the hot and humid weather in Singapore. A well painted stucco can last for a long time.

The Painting Begins!

Now, to paint the stucco.

  1. When choosing the right tools to paint, a sprayer and a roller works fine. However, brush is not really recommended here. A sprayer would be the ideal tool but if you do not have one, make sure to get a roller with at least a 3/8” nap on it. Because stucco has uneven surface, the thickness of the nap helps spread the paint evenly to all areas.
  1. Cover the areas where you do not want the paint to get to. It makes cleaning up easier after that too. Use painter tape if you need to.
  1. After the wall is dry from the washing, if it is a new stucco, prime it. If it is an old stucco, start painting. A new stucco would definitely soak up more paint compared to the old one. So, do not be surprised if you used up more paint than intended.
  1. Both the sprayer and roller will give a professional finish when the right technique is used. When spraying, try to use quick short bursts to avoid lines from forming.

Paint Xpert Singapore, Us!

Not many households will have a sprayer. If you are really keen, you can try renting it from a shop or a painting company. Or, you can give us a call or drop us an email to get the work done for you. We at Paint Xpert Singapore provide a wide range of services from painting walls to ceilings to even stucco. Plan a paint day and call us to schedule an appointment. Painting the house can be a hassle, better do it in one go.



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