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Yearning for your house or workplace to have a unique and beautiful external appearance? Engage in our top notch exterior wall painting service!

Wall Painting Exterior Singapore

Why Paint The Exterior?

If you have been living in Singapore for a period of time, you will know how difficult it is to purchase a house. For you who are reading this article, we understand that you are eager to create a unique design for your house, especially on the outside where everyone might stop and stare while passing by.

If you are not a home owner but instead a businessman who owns a shop, office or any place similar, the exterior of your workplace definitely plays a huge role in generating sales or even just to lift your mood. Imagine customers stopping by, attracted by the mesmerizing outlook of the building, creating an almost-perfect first impression for them.

The growing trend of youngsters snapping pictures of unique and beautiful houses has been unstoppable following the popular use of social media. Café hopping, being one of the youngsters’ favourite pastime, has attracted the mass public to engage in uniquely themed cafes which are painted with colours that enhances their themes.

Even if it’s not to attract others, exterior wall painting helps protect your building or property better. Climate changes are subject to uncertainty whereby buildings are easily damaged. Hence, what are you waiting for?

Different From Interior Painting

Yes, exterior wall paints also come in oil-based and water-based formulas. However, exterior paints are manufactured using different “recipes” to withstand the harsh weather and external environment such as rain and scorching-hot sun, so that it can resist wear and tear better. They are usually ultraviolet rays resistant to reduce cracking and peeling.

Exterior wall painting is a slightly more tedious process as compared to interior wall painting as it requires a few coating. There are two steps involved:

  1. Priming – This is done using an oil-based or water-based sealer. Before painting, walls will inevitably have cracks and holes. These are then filled with joint compound to create a flat surface suitable for painting. However, if painted directly over it, its moisture will be sucked out, leaving the wall dull and ugly. Hence a primer is created to form a base for the next step which is actual painting. This primer is usually white, tinted gray or a colour similar to the finishing coat.
  1. Painting – Using paint which is resistant to all the harsh external conditions, such as dirt, algae, fungus as well as rain, wind, humidity and sun which causes peeling, multiple coats are then applied over the primer. There is a large variety of paint colours for you to choose from.

Quality People And Paint

You do not need to worry about the quality of the paint products as we use only paint that we deem the best such as Nippon paint! Most of the paints that we use have established reputation and has been proven to be trustable and reliable with their special formulas for paint.

As we love aesthetically pleasing things, we want your house to look as beautiful as possible. Therefore, we have undergone rigorous training to deliver the best service for your home or workplace. We do not mean to boast but we are equipped with skills, knowledge and equipment that are more than sufficient. Just tell us the look that you are going for and we will try to live up to your expectations.

Intending To Self-paint? Think again.

We all know that painting is hard work especially exterior wall painting. You will have to stand outside for several hours, using ladders, long paint brushes and many other tools (which are costly), while also exerting tons of strength and energy. The agonising wait for the paint to dry in order to apply the next coat does not seem appealing either.

What if things go wrong, causing your wall to be ruined and your paint wasted?

Dial Us Up

Why not just make use of our professional services? There is no need to take such high risks to self-paint! Rest assured as we will be able to provide you with customized packages of a complete range of services such as interior wall painting. You’re most welcomed to contact us to satisfy your curiosity or even book our services straight on the spot!




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