Wall Painting for Bedroom

Want to improve your sleep and bedroom aesthetics? Get your bedroom painted with us today to enjoy all the benefits that you can possibly dream of!

Wall Painting For Bedroom Singapore

Bedroom Aesthetics

Bedrooms are the most intimate place in our house as it is the place where we sleep and do most of our personal things in. People in Singapore are said to be stressed out because of the high work load. Hence, we would definitely want to have a good rest in our own room surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere when we get home.

However, most of the time the interior of our rooms are poorly renewed. Thus, paint can be seen peeling and scribbles that we made back in the days are seen to remain there. What’s worse is that as society starts to stress on aesthetics more, our friends are starting to repaint, design and decorate it so that it looks as stylish as it could ever be.

But how about your own room? If this goes on, you will feel embarrassed to invite your friends over for sleepovers. You might even be experiencing sleep issues because the colours are so disturbing to your eyes.

No Time, No Tools

We know that most of you don’t have the time, tools and skills to achieve that dream result that you want. Why don’t you leave it to us?

Painting Your Bedroom

How are we going to paint your room? First, we will discuss with you what design or effect you aim to achieve for your room. This may include motif patterns or plain colours.

An example is if you want your room to bring you a soothing and relaxing feeling, you can opt to use soft colours such as light blue or green. If you want your room to look more spacious, we will opt for brighter colours instead of darker colours. The colour of your room does really determine how the end result will turn out.

Next, we will cover the floors and your furniture in your room. If needed, we will also help to move it out before we paint to avoid paint getting onto your precious furniture. These are all included in our wall painting service.

We will then carry out repair works and sanding to smoothen your wall surface as well as repair any cracks. When this is done, we start painting the primer onto the walls.

Drying is allowed before we paint your desired colour onto the primer coat. To achieve a smooth finish, few layers of coat are applied so that it can protect your wall well. In between, processes of drying and reapplying are repeated until the paint layers are thick enough to provide the best result for your room.

Why Choose Us

We make wall painting affordable for you! We want you to enjoy your newly painted room without worrying about financial issues. Furthermore, our work is still of the best quality that we can give to you as we stress on customer satisfaction. Therefore, if you have any expectations for your room, you can convey it to us so we can discuss it with you to achieve a win-win situation.

To give you the best service, we use paint colours that are of good quality only. Combined with our skills, experience and dedication, we believe that you will be happy with the end result and your room will look as good as new. Your sleep may even improve!

Get An Appointment Today!

Tempted to paint your room now so that you can have your friends gasping in awe at your room? Contact us today to get book an appointment with us as well as tell us your desired effect! Have other rooms that you want to paint as well such as your living room? No worries, we offer those services too! Just call us up or email us so we can answer your doubts more effectively.


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