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Wall Painting For Café Singapore

Café Game Strong

Cafés are lining up the streets of Singapore like mushrooms springing up after the rain. We are not just talking about one or two popping up from the ground, we literally have colonies of them spreading across the grass like wildfire! Or in other words, if cafés were flowers, Singapore would look like a fully bloomed flower bed on the map.

Despite this, there are still no signs of this café hype slowing down any time soon. From deconstructing a cup of coffee to serving fries in miniature trolleys, café owners are squeezing the very last drop of their creative juices just to stay afloat in this extremely competitive industry. Thus, in the midst of this café hype, how do you stay ahead of the game?

Paint Me Like One Of Your French Cafes

Youngsters, the main contributor to this café hype, are always on the lookout for new cafés to explore. Purely relying on serving gastronomical food and beverages are no longer enough to survive in this industry. To ensure that your café is even on their café hopping list, it is essential that it stands out in its own unique way.

The fastest way to achieve that would be to paint your café, be it exterior or interior. And the colour choices would be highly dependent on the ambience that you are trying to create for your café. Though emphasizing on individuality and putting your vision into reality, it is encouraged to be bold but wise with your colour choices as you would definitely want people to remember your café for all the right reasons. Because at the end of the day, the ambience plays a major role in customer retention and isn’t that what businesses are all about? Keeping your passion alive.

Colours Matter, Shades Too

Red And Yellow

While red is the ultimate “ong” colour which promotes prosperity, it may not work too well for your café. Studies have shown that bright red and bright yellow do not only stimulate appetite, but also give out this energetic vibe which keeps your customers more pumped up, meaning that it is highly unlikely that your customers would want to linger in your café for too long. They are more commonly used in fast food chains because their goal is volume and this helps to speed up the flow of their customers. Therefore, unless your café is fast food themed, you may want to avoid these colours. However, if you insist, you can always play around with different shades of red, have an accent wall or use it as an accent colour. In fact, many fine dining restaurants incorporate earthy red tone to create that sophisticated look in their restaurants.

Green And Brown

Colours like green and the more earthy tones like brown on the other hand give the perception of something more natural and organic. If organic and fresh foods are what you are serving on your menu, then this is the go-to colour for your café. Besides, these colours also actually set a more relaxing and comfortable ambience to your café as well. Your customers will then be able to enjoy their food more and may even stay a little longer for dessert or coffee after their meals. It would be the perfect place for chit chats, casual business meetings and work.


Colours like blue should be avoided as it is psychologically proven to supress appetite. But then again, you can always play around with shades of colour to create an entirely different effect. By using navy blue as an accent colour only, you can easily create a nautical theme café. Meanwhile, turquoise and mint would give a fresh look to your café and have them girls running to your café for Instagram shots.

White And Pastels

Other colours to consider would be white and beige. You can’t possibly go wrong with such neutral colours as they would give such a clean look to your cafés.  The only concern would be to maintain it since it is easily noticeable when it gets dirty. If rich colours aren’t your cup of tea, you can always opt for softer colours like pastels too. Not only they are cute and pleasant to the eyes, it gives out the Korean vibes as well.

Stencils And Murals

 Just paint and no design can be a little plain for the more adventurous ones. So, to add that little extra touch that would go a long way, you can try using stencils to create patterns on your wall. There should be a colour blocking effect to make it more eye catching. Or, you can also divide your accent wall geometrically and paint them in different colours. Else, you can experiment with the distress wall effect for the more rustic look.

We Paint

We truly understand that you are not only running a café, but you are also realizing your dream and passion. Thus, we are here to help you give that café a makeover that it needs. We have a team of expert painters that would cater to your needs and advice you on the type of paints and colours that you should be using.

It is time to be the new popular kid on the block and make sure that you are all over social medias and be featured in blogs! Contact us or drop us an email for more information.

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