Wall Painting for Classroom

Are you still painting the classroom walls white? Due to it being highly reflective, it will strain the student’s eye. To repaint the walls, call us at Paint Xpert Singapore.

Wall Painting for Classroom Singapore


Considering the fact that students spend half of their time in school, it is safe to say that schools are like a second home to them. Besides having good teachers to support their self-development, the state of the school should be given necessary care and attention to be tip top to ensure that the students are in a conducive environment to learn.

Since the classrooms are where students will be most of the time, it is important that the walls are painted the right colour as it has been psychologically proven that colours will affect our mood and behaviour. Choosing wall colours is not as easy as ABC where you choose something you like on the colour palette and splash it on the wall. It requires a bit more effort and research.

The Little Ones

For a classroom filled with toddlers like in nurseries and kindergarten, the energy level would be sky high. This is the stage where they would start exploring and experimenting with everything that they see and within reach. You may think that to compliment the energy bunnies’ personalities, the walls should be painted the spectrum of the rainbow. No, you should not. Throw the thoughts away and I will explain briefly why.

The colour red will increase heart beat and keep the adrenaline pumping. This colour of the stop sign will basically cause the children to be so distracted that their learning would be affected. Yellow on the hand, although promotes happiness, is not suitable for a room where people would spend long hours in it. It is such a bright and loud colour that it can be too intense and cause frustration.

Instead, you should go for warm colours like cream and taupe. Not only that they enhances creativity, they will also help the kids to focus better. These colours are so neutral that it will not overpower anything that they should be learning otherwise.

All Things Serious

In a room where there will be intense learning. The colour blue will act as a tranquiliser with its cool undertone. It will create a more relaxing ambience but be careful with the shades that you are going for as it can be a depressing colour as well. Besides that, blue has also been proven to increase productivity by helping the students to concentrate better.

White on the other hand should be avoided in this case despite its wonderful ability in making a room look bigger. Because it is highly reflective with light, it can strain the students’ eyesight, making it harder for them to focus. Not to mention that it dirties fast too.

The Wall Of Fame

From scribbling on the wall with crayons to leaving shoe marks and their so called cool initials, these different stages of student life will make you rethink the type of paint you want on the classroom walls. The most commonly used paint that we usually see in the classrooms is the flat paint. Although it serves its purpose to absorb light in the classroom, creating a softer setting for better learning, it is not mildew resistant and definitely not shoe mark resistant. It dirties fast and cannot be clean.

Therefore, the best paint that a classroom wall should use is the eggshell paint. Not flat and not too glossy until it is too reflective for a learning space.

Painters For Hire

If you are seeking for some advices and looking for some painters to get the job done, contact us at that Paint Xpert Singapore. Our team are professionals in their fields and we deliver nothing but the best services. Painting all the classrooms in the school is a big project. Call us up to discuss about your plans!

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