Wall Painting for Guest Room

Guests are important whether you are a house owner or a hotel owner. Why not give them a good impression by preparing a beautiful interior for your guest rooms?

Wall Painting For Guest Room Singapore

Guest Room At Home

Have your friends from overseas ever come to visit you in Singapore? Have you ever had guests staying over in your house for a few nights? Where would you allocate them after inviting them to your home? The answer is normally your guest room!

However, as the guest room is not always occupied, it is often neglected and poorly maintained. The walls are normally painted once and that is it. Therefore, the walls of your guest room might look dirty and dusty and might even have cracks and scratches. These scratches may arise due to accidental grazing of your furniture such as your bed against the wall.

Have you ever envied your friend because of their beautiful guest room interior? Their carefully painted walls gave the whole guest room a warm and relaxing atmosphere, making you feel right at home. The design of the whole room also put you at ease and allowed you to have a good night’s sleep. Won’t you want to give people the same feeling?

Guest Rooms At Hotels

How about guest rooms at hotels in Singapore? What do they mean?

Basically it means that the hotel will give you whatever room that is available to you when you come and check in. However, this does not mean that the guests are of no importance. Every guest is equally important to hotels!

Thus, the hotel rooms are also normally nicely decorated to give the travellers a homey feel. Wouldn’t you want to create that atmosphere for your foreign customers? It would definitely bring about a good impression of our country!

Barriers To Painting

As ambitious as you may be, you don’t know when and how to start. You are either consumed by work or you don’t have the proper tools and skills to achieve your desired effect. It is either that or you just feel lazy to pick up that brush and roller to apply paint onto your walls. Not only that, you might even cause a mess that is hard to clean up or make mistakes which are hard to correct.

The reason why people find it tedious to paint their walls is because applying a good coat of paint requires repeated applying and drying. If this is not done properly, the finish will not be smooth. This will defeat the purpose of you painting your walls in the first place.

Function Of Colours

Colours largely determine the atmosphere of your room. If you use a bright colour, the room will instantly lighten up your mood and you would feel cheerful.

A neutral colour would give you a minimalist feel and give and impression of a large space which is largely popular among the society nowadays. Paler and softer colours such as baby blue would calm and soothe your emotions, allowing you to sleep more easily. What’s more interesting is that you can even choose two or more colours for your guest room!

Impressions are very important and you would want your guests to have a good impression on you, don’t you? This is a sign that you should paint your guest room today!

Delivering The Best Service

We are confident that we can deliver the best service to you as we are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and techniques. With ample experience, we can effectively make your room into an art work that you desire. You would just have to convey what you want as the desired outcome to us.

We only use good quality products such as Nippon paint so that the results are favourable. This is also to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with the service we provide.

If you are worried about the price, do not fret too much as we have made our various wall painting services affordable for you. This is to ensure that you won’t burn a hole in your wallet just by painting your walls. The good news is we even help you move or cover your furniture before painting so it won’t ruin your furniture. You can just sit back and relax!

Call Us Today!

Get your guest room repainted with us now to give your guests a favourable impression. Be it a hotel or your home, we can get it done! Your guest rooms will look as good as new. Contact us today to book an appointment with us. We will definitely be happy to help! Feel free to also check out our other wall painting services.


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