Wall Painting For Home

Customise your home with us to exhibit your personality through paint colours as well as provide your walls with more protection and aesthetics!

Wall Painting For Home Singapore

The Art Of Painting

Painting is a form of art. Our home can be a piece of artwork if we tend to it. However, due to busy schedules and lack of skills and tools, we often neglect the need to paint our home.

HDB flats make up most of the housing estates in Singapore. Most people do not give much attention to the appearance of their home. Thus, most people might end up having similar house interiors and exteriors. Won’t you want your house to look different and unique as compared to other people? Won’t you want it to reflect your personality or your tastes?

Functions Of Paint

The paint on the walls of your home are subjected to wear and tear. Be it rain or shine, scribbles or scratches, the condition of the wall paint will definitely deteriorate. The function of paint is to provide protection to your walls as well as give it a pleasing and smooth look. If its condition deteriorates, our home might look older than it actually is. That is not what we desire, isn’t it?

Furthermore, a range of studies in colour psychology has shown that colours can largely affect our mood. Why not give your house a makeover so that you will be refreshed and relaxed when you come home from a long day of work?

Too Tedious For You?

Do you have no time on your hands? Or do you think that painting is a messy job? No worries, we got it covered for you!

Before painting, our painters often first cover or move out any furniture or belongings that you do not want to be stained. (This service is free for you!) Cracks and holes in the walls are then repaired and filled. The wall is also sanded if needed. This allows the paint to glide over the walls smoothly so it can be applied perfectly.

After cleaning the wall, a coat of primer is then applied. After the coat of primer has dried completely, actual painting is started. The paint is applied using a roller for large surfaces on the walls of your room. Repeated painting and drying are carried out to ensure that the walls have adequate protection and colour to reach your desired effect.

If you need any wallpaper coverings, we will be happy to do so for you too.

Trust Us

As we have painted countless walls, we are considered pro in this field as we are well equipped with knowledge and skills to provide the best service. Our ample experience also allows us to improvise on the spot if there are walls that require a sophisticated design.

You can also convey your desired effect to us. If you are unsure of what colours to choose, we can also recommend some to you based on your expectations. We use only products of good quality such as Nippon paint to ensure that our customers are left with satisfaction and happiness with their home’s new look.

We understand that everything in Singapore is not cheap especially things that are associated with our homes. Do not worry as we ensure that our prices are affordable and it will definitely not burn a hole in your pocket or wallet.

Give Us A Call!

We also offer a whole range of services that cater to the function of your rooms. Get an appointment with us now to give your house the makeover that it deserves! Feel free to contact us via email or phone to enquire more about our services. Your house will look as good as new in no time with our quality work.


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