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Wall Painting for nursery Singapore

What is better to welcome the bundle of joy to the family than a well decorated nursery? A nursery makes everything more surreal as you fill up the space bit by bit each day while waiting for the arrival of the little one. From getting the perfect sized crib to filling up the wardrobe with all the cute baby clothing, isn’t that excitement hard to contain?

To create a theme for your nursery, it all comes down to wall colours to help fulfil that because it will be the foundation of all the decorations that you will putting in and it will also be the first thing that people would notice when they walk in. Most importantly, that would also be the first few colours that your baby will be exposed to once they start to see colours. Since they would spending some time in the room, you might want to be more careful when choosing the colours as it has been psychologically proven to affect mood and behaviours.

Play Safe, Go Neutral

If the gender of the baby is not revealed yet and you may want your baby to grow up with it as their future bedrooms, you can try to choose some neutral colours. Colours like grey, green, cream or peach makes good neutral wall colours for your nurseries and can never go out of style. You might be surprised that grey is in the category thinking that it will look depressing. But no. Along with the other colours in lighter shades, they will give a soft comfortable tone to the nursery. Once the gender is revealed, you can add some pink or blue curtains or cushions or furniture to add more colours into the room. It blends really well with the grey wall. Peach and cream on the other hand promotes creativity.

Red Light District

Some of you may be thinking like “Oh, I want the room to be as cheerfully coloured as possible to reflect the baby’s character or to encourage them to be happy.” Therefore, your palettes of colour will range from yellow to red or orange.

When wanting such colours in your room it is better to use them as accent walls or just accent colours on the beams or some other details. If you insist, choose buttery tones of yellow or the earthier tones of red.

Red gives that energetic vibe that keeps the adrenaline pumping. Good for a room if you want the crowd to initiate conversations but not in a room when the little human is just about to explore their surroundings. It may result them in being aggressive or moody in the long run.

Yellow, promoting happiness is a very loud colour. It is definitely very lovely and bright but do you know that baby cries more in yellow painted rooms? It is can be too overwhelming for them and make them feel uncomfortable and stressed.

Save Your Future Self Some Work

Raising kids, you will want to consider making choices that your future self will thank and appreciate you for. Once the colours have been chosen, it is time to choose the finishing that you want. Since the nursery will also act as a playroom, flat finishes are not really recommended because they are super hard to clean. Raising toddlers mean that your walls will be no doubt be adorned with masterpieces of anything your kids can get their hands on to. Crayons, watercolours, pencils and even food. Choosing eggshell or semi-gloss finish will make cleaning so easy that you would be grateful that you have made this choice.

Your Fairy Godmothers At Your Service

Once you have decided on what colour to paint on your wall, you might want to start work soon to keep that momentum going. If you find paint jobs to be such a hassle, we got your back. Paint Expert Singapore provides a wide range of paint services from bathroom ceiling paint to classroom wall paint to nursery wall paint. All you have to do is drop us an email or give us a call!

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