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Enhance your professional look further by engaging in our wall painting for office service! Get the style that you want for your work place today.

Wall Painting For Office Singapore

Importance Of Paint

“What is important about a room?”

You most probably would not answer us with “painting”. Yet, that is the one factor that gives a room its character and sets its atmosphere according to the function of the room.

In Singapore, most people hold reputable and professional jobs. To match that professionalism, a workplace of similar style is recommended.

For a workplace such as an office, you would want people to acknowledge you as someone professional. You want to feel empowered and productive when you are in your office. Other than your furniture and the lighting of your office, you should first consider repainting your office!

What Effect Are You Aiming At?

If you find it time consuming or if you do not have the necessary tools to carry out your painting, don’t worry as we can do the job for you!

So what colour should you get for your office walls? Well, the answer is whatever colour that can bring out the effect that you want!

Let us say you want yourself to look professional in your office while you are at work, you can opt for a minimalist style with a white and black background. If you want to look friendly and approachable or you want a relaxed environment at home to work in, get softer colours for your walls. Interesting, isn’t it? And that’s why painting is also considered an art which is not easily mastered.

People will definitely be wowed by the professional yet pleasant look of your office!

Painting Techniques

As per usual, we will cover your furniture with plastic coverings or move it out from the room. (This service is free for you!) Before we start to paint, we will inspect the walls for any cracks and repair it. By doing so, the end result would be much better and definitely to your satisfaction.

After that, we will start with the base coat or primer. This is to provide more long lasting paintwork. It is then allowed to dry after its application onto the walls.

Following that step, we start painting your desired paint colour onto the wall. Application and drying of paint is repeated for a few times until a decent layer of coat has been applied completely.

You can then enjoy your new work place!

Only The Best For You

We love seeing people being satisfied with their newly painted room or house! Therefore, we sharpen our skills and knowledge, striving to achieve the pro level so as to provide the best service for our customers.

We cater to our customers’ needs according to the desired effect that they want for their rooms or house. Thus, we have discussions with our customers to figure out what is the intended outcome.

As we want our customers to enjoy the best service from us, we only use products that we deem are of good quality. These include paints such as Nippon paint. What’s best is that all of our services are offered at a reasonable and affordable price as we aim to provide quality service without causing customers to suffer a financial burden.

Dial Us Up!

What are you waiting for? Get an appointment booked with us today by contacting us through phone or email! You will be able to enjoy the benefits immensely. We also have other wall painting services for different rooms and functions so check us out!


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