Wall Painting for School

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Wall Painting For School Singapore

Unappealing School Appearance

Schools are where the seeds of education are planted and where the next leaders of Singapore are nurtured. Although it can be argued that our home plays the same role but schools are the place where students come together and important friendships are formed.

However, imagine if a school’s appearance looks dull and unappealing, how is it going to provide students with a conducive study environment? If it is a school for young children, it would be even worse as they won’t be captivated if there are no vibrant colours on the walls. It won’t be just the students that are bored with the environment in the school but also the teachers.

Wall Painting For School

How do we make a school appealing to students then? Easy! The answer is by wall painting.

One thing unique about our wall painting for school service is that we also paint murals! Murals are essential in every school. Murals are a work of art and not an easy one at that. Schools are different from our houses as they normally have more walls to be painted and a large surface too.

How To Paint A Mural

Before even starting to do anything to that bare white wall, a design is first thought up to suit the theme of the mural that is desired. A pencil is then used to outline the drawing that has been decided upon. The hard part in this is that this art work is done on a large wall surface, making it a lot more challenging compared to drawing on paper.

After completing the drawing, paint is applied bit by bit, tending to details of the drawings as well as the big picture. This involves several tools and paint colours. Refining is then done to perfect the outlines. Lastly, the larger areas are then filled with colours to complete the mural.

Normally, a single mural project will take up to weeks to be completed perfectly as a lot of preparation, designing and painting work is needed. Sounds hard, isn’t it?

We Are At Your Service

Well, fret not, as we are equipped with the time, skills and experience to provide you with the best service! Do you have a desired design in your mind for the painting of your school walls? Just tell us and we will see to it! You will definitely be satisfied with it.

We stress a lot on the quality of our work. We want the best for our customers, thus we only use paint that is of world class quality such as Nippon. We are also equipped with some sort of art experience to draw the best that we can.

Moreover, our services are offered at an affordable price with good quality work! We want you to engage our services and walk away with pleasant feelings and not feelings of being ripped off!

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Have a school to be painted? Contact us today and get those walls painted by pros in no time at all to give off an aesthetic look. The students will be piling into your school for sure. You can also check out other wall painting services that we offer on our website.



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