Wall Painting for TV Wall

Don’t you want to enjoy the whole view while watching TV shows? Get your TV walls painted and designed so that people can enjoy movie nights together with you!

Wall Painting For TV Wall Singapore

TV – Our Loyal Companion

Watching TV shows is a way of relieving our stress especially after a long day of study or work in Singapore. This is because there is a wide range of shows such as travel shows and entertainments shows. Some people have their TVs attached to the wall of their home. After some time, the wall paint might peel and cracks may appear. You want to paint it but painting a wall is tedious work – what’s more painting a wall with an extra feature which is your TV!

At times like this, you would think of all the problems that may arise if you attempt to paint that wall. Firstly, you may get paint onto your TV if you don’t cover it properly. Secondly, the part behind the TV might not be properly painted because it’s hard to reach. Thirdly, you don’t have the time and energy to do so after a long week of working and no rest.


However, when you visit your friend’s house, his or her interior design was superb especially the TV wall of his or her home.

With a sense of longing and envy, you think back to the TV wall in your living room or bedroom in your apartment. You want people to be in awe with the beautiful interior in your home too. You want them to view your house as a work of art.

How We Paint Your TV Wall

We have the solution for you!

We offer wall painting service for your TV wall. Firstly, we will discuss the ideal design ideas to complement your TV colour or the style that you aim to achieve. This can include contemporary designs. Then, we will try to dismount your TV if possible. If not possible, fret not as we have the necessary tools to also reach the so-called unreachable space behind the TV without dirtying your TV.

After that, we will sand the wall, repair cracks and carry out the whole painting process including applying primer and numerous coats of paint until it achieves the desired finish. Paint is allowed to dry. Finally, we will mount your TV onto the wall once again.

Your TV wall would be blessed with a brand new look which complements the TV perfectly!

We Provide Workable Solutions

As TVs are precious objects to most people, we handle it very carefully and are meticulous in our work. We aim to give the best service so that our customers would be satisfied at the end of the day. Furthermore, we are confident that we are able to achieve this as we have ample experience, adequate knowledge and professional skills to deliver the desired results.

Quality is also one of the things we often stress on. Thus, we only use paint that are widely recognised and of good quality such as Nippon. This ensures that your wall will have a smooth finish.

Singaporeans nowadays aim for affordability of an object or service. This is because cost of living is high in Singapore. As we want you to engage in our services without feeling the weight of a financial burden, our prices are reasonable and we still offer the same good quality service. Therefore, rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

Ring Us Up!

Now that we’ve addressed your worries and provide solutions to your problems, are you ready to paint your TV wall? Be it a hotel or your own home, we will gladly accept and do our best. What are you waiting for then? Call us up or email us to get more information or book an appointment today!


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